Kurkjian Images is a Los Angeles-based, independent photojournalism organization. Our work has been published in numerous newspapers, magazines, books, and documentaries around the world. Our photography and writing have been featured in the acclaimed photography book Out of Stone and The Stone Garden Guide: Armenia and Karabakh, which have received several publishing awards. The photography–based guide book features photographs from Kurkjian Images and highlights ecology and conservation.

Our images have been shown in several PBS-TV documentaries and our work has been featured on National Public Radio. Our features on photography, traveling, social issues, and the environment have been published in newspapers and magazines of wide distribution in the US, Europe, Canada, and Asia. A partial list of publications includes:

  • Los Angeles Times
  • Environmental Monitor
  • Armenian Reporter International (US)
  • Armenian Weekly (US)
  • Armenian International Magazine (US)
  • American Society of Media Photographers Bulletin (US)
  • CNN Traveller (UK)
  • Czech Airlines Review, In-Flight Magazine of Czech Airlines (Czech Republic)
  • Frommer’s Budget Travel (US)
  • Global Adventure (UK)
  • Hartford Courant (US)
  • Impressions, In-Flight Magazine of British Airways (UK)
  • Photo District News (US)
  • Photo Life (Canada)
  • Photographer's Forum Quarterly (US)
  • Photo World (US)
  • Transitions Abroad (Canada)
  • Traveler's Outpost (Canada)
  • Yerevan Times (Armenia)
  • Yerevan Courier (Armenia)
  • Zest Air Magazine (Hong Kong/Philippines)

Kurkjian Images. continues to travel around the globe to document human and environmental conditions. We partner with various non-profit organizations to promote environmental education, public health, and ocean conservation. We employ the use drones to capture aerial imagery for use in environmental applications.